Four Seasons is well prepared to support even your most demanding of tour schedules. Our Staff has hundreds of years of combined experience across a wide range in the tour business, including logistics and public transit, road management, music recording, ticket sales, the record business, artist management and promotion, and related support areas from playbills right down to the servicing of the transportation units themselves. Hundreds of artists and agents helped with their tour transportation needs over millions of miles to thousands of successful engagements have given Four Seasons excellent or rave reviews. We look forward to providing the same level of professional service to you for your next regional or national tour.

Staff Backgrounds

Mike Slarve, President

Mike started Four Seasons over 20 years ago as a broker and built the company to include over 50 coaches! His broad experience in the business of Bus Tour Leasing started with the music business in 1965. Since that time he has been involved in almost every aspect of the industry in a range including promoter, artist manager, tour manager, t-shirt manufacturer, to his present responsibility as owner of one of the largest entertainer coach leasing companies in the country. He has established and maintained key contacts with expertise in every aspect of the business, from the highly specialized design of custom interiors to the creation of unique, eye catching wraps for the promotion of image or product. With this accumulated knowledge and experience Mike is well able to help you with the most daunting of financial or project needs to insure that your adventures in a touring coach from Four Seasons are comfortable and cost-effective.

Dave Wilmer, General Manager

After 21 years on the road, Dave joined the Four Seasons crew as the general manager. For most of his two decades on the road he worked with Cheap Trick as guitar tech for Rick Nielsen, adding production manager duties in his last eight years with them. He also worked on a couple of Kiss tours and was production manager and guitar tech on the last Gin Blossoms tour. As a touring professional and owner of his own coaches, Dave can certainly help you with all aspects of your coach leasing needs.

Nathaniel James, Assistant General Manager

Nathaniel's hands-on experience as a driver for groups on tour (Alice Cooper, The Hieves, Dandy Warhols, Missy Elliot, Jermaine Dupree, Big Head Tod, *NSYNC, Puff Daddy, Nelly, Korn, Maria Carey, Clay Walker, and Alman Brothers, among others) has provided him direct experience with, and detailed knowledge of key scheduling and in-transit issues, as well as National, Regional and Local rules and road regulations encompassed in the planning and execution of all levels of Entertainer and Star Coach itineraries, on the road and parked in place. His related mechanical, electrical and management experience in a range from servicing coaches on tour, refining systems, working with coach conversions and Shop Supervisor, combined with his driver experience, assures that Nathaniel will reduce problems to a minimum while filling the special needs or unique requirements of groups or performers scheduling even the most arduous and complex of tour itineraries.

Don Townsend, Director of Maintenance

Don was A road manager for 5 years for a band called Eli, based out of Tallahassee, FL, Don was also the sound man for Jackyl. He has now worked for over ten years with Four Seasons Coach Leasing as one of our premier drivers and worked for artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Cracker, Beastie Boys, INXS, and the Marshall Tucker Band. Wanting a change, when the position for maintenance manager came up Don was definitely the best one for the job. His knowledge makes him one of the best maintenance/emergency breakdown men in the business. Don is always here on stand-by to guide you to any one of hundreds of qualified service areas should a problem ever arise that the driver can't quickly handle while you're on the road.

Christopher Darling, International Sales Rep.

Working as a disc jockey for Ticketmaster and with two professional sports organizations, Christopher developed his natural talent for logistics and began a career in transportation. Currently the sales and marketing director for Janco Transportation, Christopher is very knowledgeable and well known in the business making a perfect fit at Four Seasons as International Representative.

Diana Pederson, Office Manager

Diana started in the music industry as the manager of a large chain of retail concert ticket/record stores in the Colorado-Arizona area. She then went to work for Saban Entertainment in the front offices of their recording studios and was promoted to administrative assistant to the VP in licensing. Deciding to try her hand in music production she went to Network Worldwide Cargo, learning all aspects of tour logistics and customs documentation. Her experiences moved her on to Tzell Travel where she would learn about music travel arrangements, a perfect fit for Four Seasons.

Misty Saunders, Assistant Office manager

Misty Saunders joined Four Seasons Coach Leasing as the assistant general manager and has since moved into the position of assistant office manager. Her prior experience as manager and owner of a florist shop/mail shipping center required great organizational skills. Her "can do" spirit combined with a great knowledge and disposition makes her a valuable addition to the team.

More than 40 years Experience Providing Top-end Coach Services to a Galaxy of Stars, Entertainer Groups and Corporations requiring Full-range Security, Reliability and Comfort while fullfilling Complex Tour Itineraries.

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