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Starship II
MCI Renaissance Star Coach
Front Lounge
Front Lounge
View past Dinette, left, Galley, right, through Bunk Area to Bedroom
Front Restroom
View to Rear Lounge with Shower and Bath
Rear Lounge with Bedroom
  • Starship II, 2001 Renaissance Star Coach shown above is furnished with Leather Seating throughout;  Galley, including Microwave and Refrigerator; Dinette;  6 Bunks;  2 Restrooms;  Shower;  Entertainment Units in the Front and Rear Lounges;  and Queen Size Bed in spacious Rear Suite.  Interior storage adequate to accommodate a full compliment plus supplies is augmented with large under-floor bays for weather-sealed packing of bulky or other items associated with extended tours or travel.

  • Starship II is powered by a Detroit Diesel Series 60, with Allison World / B500 6-speed Transmission.  It also comes with an Auxiliary Kubota Generator and Air Conditioning by Bus Air.  Superior Coach Interiors installed the Luxury Conversion.
  • Special requests for custom accommodations can be negotiated with the lease.

  • To discuss outright Purchase, please make contact through or send us an e-mail
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