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Register on-site so we can get to know who we're dealing with by clicking here and filling out the requested information, or call, write or send us an E-mail (see heading) so we can get started the old fashioned way.

Requirements for On-site or Off-Site Vehicle Listing

All vehicles listed under consignment must be in good working condition and have had a recent servicing and/or tune up (receipts may be required of the Seller).  All major mechanical systems (engine, transmission, generator, air conditioning, etc.) must be in good working order.   Essentially, all vehicles must be "road ready" and be able to handle test and maintenance drives and related inspections by BusCentral.com or Interested Parties.  No vehicle is allowed to just take up space.  We expect this will be true of consigned vehicles on-site and, within reason, those listed but maintained off-site. Our aim is to expedite rapid placement of your inventory at the agreed basis.

Because we offer no warranty or guarantee with any vehicle purchase beyond that offered by the consigner, it is important to BusCentral as representative agent that all vehicles work as described, as intended, and meet or exceed the Buyer's expectations.  For this reason, we expect everything to be serviced and running when it is brought to our lot or held to this standard if located off-site.

BusCentral.com provides a feature Web Sales Page for all vehicles accepted for listing.  For this reason it will help if you have good photographs of the interior and exterior on hand, with a detailed deescription of the mechanics, special options or selling points and general condition. If there's a problem or damage it can't hurt to include that information. Most buyers know what they're getting into and if they know the problems in advance will quickly calculate the cost relative to the price/value of the vehicle offered.  You never know who might have a new or rebuilt Allison B500 Transmission or Detroit Diesel stashed away just waiting for the right conversion.

At the completion of the sales process, we will release the Seller's information to the Buyer so that they have someone to contact for questions regarding their purchased vehicle. Buyer's understand that Sellers are not offering any warranty or guarantee (unless clearly noted and/or offered in writing), and that the communication between the two parties is strictly for informational purposes.

To further insure that a you are happy with your purchase, we invite all potential buyers to have vehicles inspected by a third party.

This cost is the sole responsibility of the Buyer (unless clearly noted and/or offered in writing).


It is hoped that Buyers will be totally satisfied with vehicles purchased on-site or off-site through BusCentral.  However, Issues with Consignment Vehicles will be settled between Buyer and Consigner or End-Seller only.  BusCentral.com will not be held further responsible.

What if I want a vehicle with problems, so I can fix it up myself ?

Vehicles listed with mechanical or other issues may be found under "For Sale by Owner".

Vehicles that require repair or care before qualified as road-ready may only be listed with BusCentral.com as "For Sale by Owner" and must contain detailed information on the nature of any problems.  FSBO listings will contain all of the Seller's contact information and will not be managed by BusCentral.com.   As with any other classified-type listing, all communication will be direct between the Buyer and the Seller.

We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible and to dig deep into the root of any problems, known or unknown, so that you have a clear picture of what you are getting.  This is not to say that -- as preferred -- buses listed with BusCentral.com as "For Sale by Owner" will not be in very fine condition, as listed by the owner.

Vehicles that require minor repairs to systems that do not affect the vehicle's capability to be driven away (air conditioning, generator, lights, entertainment, broken glass, dents, etc.) may still be consigned on our lot.   BusCentral.com will make every attempt to note known issues by both examination of information provided by the Seller and gathered from our own inspections.

In any case, we encourage you to perform (or have performed) an independent inspection so you can be sure of what lies ahead.

What costs are there to a Buyer?

The only costs to Buyers, as of August 11, 2004, is a $250.00 flat-fee for documentation.  A Seller may offer to pay that fee as an incentive.   Unless a written agreement is made for the Seller to pay it, this fee will be charged to the Buyer at the completion of the sale.

Can I get a refund if there is a problem with the vehicle?

Because the vehicles sold through BusCentral.com are used, pre-owned, pre-titled, driven, etc., there are no warranties or guarantees, express or implied.  All Buyers and Sellers will get a copy of both the Bill of Sale and Vehicle Acceptance form that are signed at completion of the sale.   It is expected that any warrantees, express or implied, will have been settled in no uncertain terms between the buyer and seller before completion of the sale.

Documentation fees are part of the sale.  Regardless of what you do with your vehicle once you have completed the sale, documentation fees are for services rendered at sale completion, and are not tied to anything else.

Who pays BusCentral.com their commission ?

Unless otherwise arranged, in writing, the Seller is solely responsible for paying BusCentral.com the commission from a sale. Our listing agreement is a contract that the Seller enters before a vehicle may be listed.

How can I dispute the information in a listing ?

Anyone with evidence that a listing contains incomplete or inaccurate information is invited to contact BusCentral.com with the details.  Please be sure to include the Name/ID of the coach, the listing ID, and the specific information you are disputing.  You must include a phone number, email or legal address so we can contact you if needed. You have our assurance that any such claims will be carefully examined.

How is my information used? Is it safe? Who sees it?

Buyers come to BusCentral.com because they know the information they get is going to be up to date, the vehicles are going to be of a quality not often found anywhere else, and because they know that we will protect their information.  Too often have we heard a Buyer lament the barrage of phone calls and pushy tactics of other Sellers or Dealers.  We will follow up as promised, and we will contact you when appropriate, but we won't harass you or make promises that we can't keep just to hold you on the line.  Buying a vehicle should be a relaxing, fun process.

BusCentral.com keeps the Buyer and Seller as private as possible, allowing them to make comments, share information, and discuss business through our dealership without committing to anything until they are ready.

Once a deal is made, only basic contact information is shared between the two parties.   Financial information, insurance, or other sensitive information is kept in strict confidence and only used by BusCentral.com for specific purposes.  It is never shared with a Seller or other party.

How exactly does a sale work?

Consignment Sales - On the Lot :

  1. A potential Buyer contacts us expressing their interest in a particular vehicle.
  2. It is on our lot, so we feel comfortable explaining the information in the listing and talking to them about the vehicle in general.
  3. We send higher-resolution photos via email, if requested.
  4. We schedule a visit for personal inspection and test drive at BusCentral.com
  5. Buyer pays BusCentral.com the agreed sale price and any documentation fees, and drives away!

During all of this, we're in contact with the Seller to present to them your offer and any other requests, giving you updates along each step of the way.  We've had sales occur in hours from first contact, and we've had sales that took weeks to complete.  The actual time frame is going to depend on the you: whether traveling or arranging financing, things can and will cause delays.

Consignment Sales - Off the LotVehicles You Keep

  1. A potential Buyer contacts us expressing interest in your coach.
  2. We discuss any photos and currently known information with as much detail as possible.  BusCentral.com will contact the Seller if information is incomplete.
  3. We send higher-resolution photos via email, if requested (and assuming we have them).
  4. We schedule a visit for personal inspection and test drive at the Seller's location.
  5. Buyer either pays Seller the agreed sale price and documentation fees and drives away or has already deposit payment with BusCentral.com so that they can drive away.  If a deposit is made with BusCentral.com and vehicle is not purchased, BusCentral.com refunds the deposit (minus any contracted non-refundable portion, if applicable) to the Buyer.

During all of this, we're in contact with the Seller to present to them your offer and any other requests, giving you updates along each step of the way.  We've had sales occur in hours from first contact, and we've had sales that took weeks to complete.  The actual timeframe can depend on either of you:   whether you are traveling or arranging financing, or the Seller is unavailable for a few days here and there, things can and will cause delays.

What about registration, taxes, titles, documentation fees, etc?

BusCentral.com is a licensed Used Motor Vehicle Dealer in the State of Tennessee.  If a vehicle is on our lot to sell, then we can offer a temporary (30-days) paper license plate that will allow the Buyer to take the vehicle home and get it registered.  THIS SERVICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO VEHICLES ON OUR LOT / IN OUR POSSESSION AT THE TIME OF SALE.

When buying directly from BusCentral.com, the State of Tennessee allows a Buyer to purchase a vehicle at our lot and avoid paying Sales and Use tax as long as the Buyer neither lives in Tennessee nor plans to register the vehicle in Tennessee.  The sale would be considered an Out Of State sale as long as the vehicle leaves Tennessee within three (3) calendar days from the date of sale.  If the Buyer is a Tennessee resident, BusCentral.com may collect taxes at the time of sale.

When a vehicle is purchased from a Seller that is not BusCentral.com (Consignment Sale), Buyer may or may not be responsible for sales and/or use taxes in both Seller's and Buyer's states of residence.  If the sale is between private (non-commercial) parties, taxes responsibility usually remains with the Buyer and for their state of residence.   Commercial Sellers may or may not have to collect taxes for their state.

In all cases, BusCentral.com bills of sale will always inform the Buyer that they are solely responsible for paying Sales and/or Use Taxes, fees, registration fees, etc.  Neither BusCentral.com or the Seller will be responsible to the Buyer for any of these levies, known or unknown, for any reason.

Documentation and Related Services
Processing the sale of a vehicle takes time.  Depending on the parties involved, there are many different forms, submissions, and other information that must be processed and filed with the appropriate entities.  Temporary registration plates, financing, and other things involved with the sale all cost money to prepare and file.

Currently, BusCentral.com has a flat $250.00 documentation fee, charged to the Buyer, that covers all aspects of paperwork, filing, copying, distribution, etc.  This may change at any time and without notice.  A Seller may, at their discretion, offer to pay this fee as an incentive to Buyers.

How do I contact a vehicle owner from a listing?

Contact Varies with the Type of Listing:

>>  Contact for Consignment listings will be BusCentral.com
>>  Contact for BusCentral.com listings will be BusCentral.com
>> Contact for FSBO listings will be directly with the vehicle owner.

In general, Contact Information will be part of any listing with easy access to the seller.

Don't forget to note the vehicle Name/ID and/or the listing ID.   These are important for identifying the vehicle(s) for which you are making contact.

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