The 1967 Little Bugger Volkswagen Conversion Camper shown is a first model which was quickly superceded by the Supper Bugger and is one of few remaining from a production of less than 200 by a small shop in Irvine, California.   The right to sell the plans for building of the Little or later Supper Bugger were purchase and later sold to the public and soon after one was featured on the cover of Mechanix Illustrated magazine as MI's MiniHome.  It was Built on a VW Beetle Chassis with sleeping and camping facilities intended for four.   The customer base must have included -- among other discerning hippies -- fans of the Grateful Dead, one of whom left a Concert Sticker stuck to the rear window.   At a Dead Concert as many as six or seven might have crammed in, with one or two on the roof and a few camped outside.  In fact, in the photos below we see a later Bugger with a ladder to a sunning or strap-on storage area at the roof top.

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The exterior appears to be in remarkable condition.  At the entrance is the original screen door, intact, but the interior needs a total makeover.  An original late 60's look with new sound and video systems and the amenities available today would make it a very cool functional camper or a fine addition to a camper museum.  A great number of those conveniences have now been greatly reduced in size with a big increase in utility.  The Interior seems quite roomy for the size of the overall vehicle with overhead sleep spaces already configured for two and a standard plug in place.  As can be seen from the original models shown, there's plenty of headroom for people of average height and any number of modern conveniences could be adapted to these campers/mini-homes.

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The Little Bugger has 4 forward speeds plus reverse and is in good running order with working lights and horn and comes with a more powerful 411 Square back 70 hp engine and Mercedes alloy wheels.  Notice on the side view there is provision for Shore Power, with a standard outlet at the interior.   I have also been informed that it comes with a 12 Volt Electrical System.  I also notice a holder for butane to heat water and a hook that was probably for an outside shower attachment of some sort.

The mileage on the odometer shows 8336 but that may be for the new motor.  It's hard to know a lot of things with so limited a production 1960's Classic, but for sure the body and overall starting condition for an upscale period reconditioning is prime.

The VIN number reads:Fahrgest.-NR. 11621G091 -- Type 11 appears left, above the VIN.  The other numbers can be read off the photo.   The measurements I took which are probably close, but not exact, are: 164" from the back edge to the nose of the VW; 113" long for the cabin forward to the windshield; 95" from the top to the ground; 80" across; 41" for the length of the overhang

By its nature as a custom made, limited production, unique VW Conversion Camper from the 60's the Little Bugger should retain high value for its new owner with a good return on any further investment made in its reconditioning.   For one thing, it would make an ideal prop for a Cheech and Chong revival movie, or, maybe, That 70s Show.   As mentioned, the body is in wonderful condition so any restoration expense would be confined for the most part to your taste in custom interiors, plus a little tune up.   One thing for sure, nobody else at the party will be wearing your camper.  Any other questions concerning mechanics and general condition may be discussed directly with the owner.

Here's a look at a few right from the period in new condition:




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More detailed photos of specific areas will be provided on request.

The Camper is located in Rochester, NH. Interested parties are invited to call 603-781-0195
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