TOP DOG   2004 & 2005                                         BUS COMPANY OF THE YEAR   2003

Bus Maintenenance, Repair and Customization Services

Four Seasons Coach Leasing is located in a 100,00 square foot building on 16 acres with parking for 100 buses. Staff and management take great pride in its large, modern, on-site, 4 bay full-time Bus Maintenance Facility operated under the direction of Don Townsend. Each Four Seasons bus undergoes rigorous servicing between tours or leases and carries a comprehensive record of maintenance and repair on file. A stand-by crew provides solutions, or, in the rare case a problem comes up on the road that cannot be immediately solved by the driver, direction to any one of hudreds of authorized service locations, nation-wide. Available under the same roof is an independently operated full service repair facility specializing in high-end coaches. Four Seasons has maintained a record of tour bus dependability and problem free service that is second to none.